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Learn to Sail

The MSU Sailing Center "Learn to Sail" program is open to all ages and will give each participant a solid foundation to begin a lifetime of recreational sailing adventures. Each participant will be provided the opportunity to acquire and practice the skills needed to sail a small vessel in protected inland lake waters in mild to moderate weather conditions.

Each Learn to Sail program section includes 24 hours of formal instruction. Each session will meet for 3 hours, twice a week for 4 weeks. Program participation will maximize your time spent on the water while instruction occurs both on shore, and on Lake Lansing. View the 2018 Learn to Sail class schedule.

Participants can expect to be educated on the following skills:

  • Safety
  • Basic marlinspike seamanship (knots and lines)
  • Nautical terminology
  • Boat rigging and boat/sail care
  • Basic boat handling techniques for skipper & crew
  • Tacking and gybing
  • Leaving/returning to a dock/shore
  • Points of sail (sailing directions upwind/downwind)
  • Capsize recovery/prevention
  • Boating right of way/etiquette

Program Registration Fee:

MSU Student: $150

MSU Faculty/Staff: $170

MSU Alumni: $190

Public: $220

MSU Students wishing to take this as a one (1) credit activity course must register online through the MSU Registrar Schedule of Courses. (KIN 101u)

View the 2018 Learn To Sail class schedule.